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squire, who?

Squire Property Management is a group of forward-thinkers who aim to change the way property management is done by applying creative solutions to everyday problems, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and empowering our team members to do what is right.

We are proud of our 'casual-professional' approach, unlike any of our competitors.

squire, what?


rental properties

We manage hundreds of rental properties throughout Saskatchewan and growing. We are the bridge between resident satisfaction and owner profitability.


condo management

We manage condominium corporations, acting as a liaison between owner needs and various dynamic building demands. We offer a full-service package that ensures the smooth operation of day-to-day management.


short-term rentals

Our sister company, Squire Hospitality Inc., handles all things short-term rental-related. Start from scratch or hand over your furnished rental property to us to manage, maximize revenues, and maintain excellent ratings.

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